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This website at climatezone.org is focused on presenting information, data, and opinion about the global changing climate.

It is intended to be informative, thought-provoking, and provocative–but that doesn’t mean that I invent stuff, and I try not to exagerate the risks and the threats to the most vulnerable communities–particularly the small island developing states, many of which are going to be underwater before the end of the century. There is no way around this reality.

This is not a website for those who deny that the climate is changing and that the world is slowly warming.

The evidence for increasing global temperatures is overwhelming and conclusive.  I do not intend to waste anyone’s time by once again debating the science or disputing the evidence.

The principal focus is on the USA and Canada. The two countries are strongly linked through their shared exploration, exploitation, and consumption of fossil fuels, and the integrated network of oil and gas pipelines that enables the two countries to share these resources.

There are of course many differences between the USA and Canada when it comes to energy policy, regulatory priorities, financial subsidies, and renewable energy incentives.  But this difference often provides a richer context when differing policies and approaches can be compared and contrasted.

The site also focuses on small island States. These countries are the most vulnerable to the impact of climate change.  Their emissions of greenhouse gases are tiny–which leads me to argue that the islands should put all their effort into adaptation–not mitigation. While it is politically correct for small island countries to sign up to the mitigation policies set out in the Paris Agreement, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when you consider the limited resources–both financial and institutional–available to island governments.

All the data presented in the blogs is available online and from reputable, peer-reviewed, and verifiable sources.  Links are provided to all the sources at the bottom of the blogs.  Additional information can always be obtained from me : martin.bush@climatezone.org

So welcome to the website and enjoy the blogs.

And why not check out a new book : Climate Change Adaptation in Small Island Developing States.  It’s the first book that’s really focused on the climate change threats to the SIDS–many of which, particularly in the Pacific Ocean, are not going to survive much longer.  It’s a tragedy waiting to happen.

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