Keeping control

While the manufacture of doubt and uncertainty by the fossil fuel and petrochemical companies continues to make many people uncertain about the evidence that the climate is changing due to the warming effects of carbon emissions, the oil and gas industries have found other ways to block the developing transition away from carbon and towards clean forms of energy.

Controlling the regulatory and permitting processes is the most effective mechanism available to the fossil fuel companies, because it enables them to compete more effectively with clean renewable energy. Setting a realistic price on carbon emissions and making the polluter pay would sound the death knell for coal and for many of the operations of the oil and gas industries. By blocking regulations curtailing carbon emissions, creating roadblocks for electric vehicles, and impeding the development of solar energy and wind power, the fossil fuel and petrochemical industries prolong their life and protect thier bottom line.

The pages under this rubric outline these efforts that are amply funded by some of the richest families and companies on the planet.