COP23 – The SIDS take charge

The small island developing states, the SIDS, can play a starring role at COP23. As a group they have numbers. They come in at 51 countries.  That’s a good-sized pack.  They got clout. They can change the narrative – if they seize the moment. This is what they need to do: They tell the UNFCCC […] Read More

COP23: Small island States show how its done

With COP23 in Bonn not too far away, it’s a good time to mull over the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The international collaboration and coordination that led to the Paris accord in December 2015 was unprecedented—and a clear sign that almost every government in the world–except of course for the very notable […] Read More

After Maria : Building back Puerto Rico

There’s been lots of talk about Elon Musk sending solar panels and  Powerwall batteries down to Puerto Rico.  This is excellent work — because it keeps the narrative going about distributed power and energy resilience in the face of more intense storms- –which is what the Caribbean is going to have to contend with as […] Read More

Hurricane Maria: time for a rethink

Sometimes disasters offer an opportunity to rebuild back better.  In effect, while no-one would wish it on the people who emerge  battered, bruised, and bloodied by the event, the more destructive the disaster perhaps the greater the opportunity.  But to build back better you have to think seriously outside the box. In fact, you need […] Read More

Red team blue team stupidity

Scott Pruitt, head of the US Environmental Protection Agency, has proposed that the best way to decide whether climate change is a threat or not is to have a debate on television.  There will be a red team (against?) and a blue team (for?).  Or vice versa. Red team blue team? OK, so why not […] Read More

Paris agreement? All part of the plan

  We should have seen this coming. The only surprising thing was that it took so long. Go back a few months. The Clean Power Plan (CPP) that Barack Obama was pushing through Congress was absolute anathema to the fossil fuel conglomerates. Limiting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from power plants strikes at the heart of […] Read More

Climate change denial-the playbook

Donald Trump has put together a pretty good team.  When it comes to denying climate change, he has brought in some seriously talented folk: getting Scott Pruit approved as head of the EPA is of course a master stroke. But these guys are busy: there’s a whole list of environmental regulations to roll back.  How […] Read More

Climate change meets star wars

  Geo – logic ? You’ve basically got three ways of dealing with climate change. 1. You can stop pumping out CO2 and methane and switch to zero carbon energy—like solar energy, wind power and electric vehicles, or 2.  You can keep going with business as usual but try to capture the gases as they […] Read More

Climate change – Status of the hiatus

Much Ado about Nothing ? A new report from a minority of the members of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee has an amusing title.  “Much Ado About Nothing”, is of course a Shakespeare comedy. But there’s nothing amusing about what Committee Chairman Lamar Smith has been up to over the last few months. […] Read More

Climate change — the Arctic Report

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration (NOAA) just published their annual Arctic Report Card for 2016.  If this was for a kid in school, his grades would need some serious attention.  NOAA’s one-line summary of the 60-page report is: Persistent warming trend and loss of sea ice are triggering extensive Arctic changes. There is no […] Read More