Renewables outshine natural gas

A new study from the Rocky Mountain Institute shows that new natural gas-fired power plants cannot compete with clean energy systems that combine renewable energy with energy storage, efficiency improvements, and demand management. Smart energy storage systems are the key to fully unlocking the potential of intermittent renewable energy. Read More

Fracking is bad for your health

Two US physicians groups have issued a comprehensive assessment of the health impacts of hydraulic fracturing, whish sets out in great detail just how fracking is bad for your health. And the health of the planet also--because fracking releases much more methane than is being reported by regulatory agencies. Read More

Natural gas – a bridge too far

Natural gas produced by fracking has a substantial environmental impact. Leaks of toxic 'produced' water into streams and groundwater resources. And emissions of fugitive methane from the frack site and the gathering system more than offset its advantage over coal at the power plant. Read More