Stormwatch–they’re getting stronger

The 2017 catalog of global natural disasters has been finalised. Although storms kill fewer people, they are causing much more damage. Windspeed, size, and flooding potential are all factors that play a role. Particularly flooding. Storms are moving more slowly and dumping more rain. The Saffir-Simpson hurricane windscale is inadequate and dangerously misleading. Read More

No let up–it just gets worse

The State of the Climate in 2017 report from the American Meteorological Society is packed with the latest data on the planet's deteriorating climate. There are no signs that the situation is improving. On the contrary, most of the climate variables point to a worsening situation. The US, Canada, and Europe should be taking the lead. We got one out three. Read More

Maria’s death toll in Puerto Rico more than 5700

A recent review of the additional mortality in Puerto Rico associated with the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria in September 2017 has sharply revised the numbers upwards--by almost two orders of magnitude. Most deaths occurred after the hurricane had passed--and are due to the failure of health care systems because of power outages, water shortages, and communication black-outs. Read More

Alberto, Beryl, and Chris

These are the names proposed for the first three named tropical storms that develop in the Atlantic and Caribbean during this year’s hurricane season.  Alberto has already shown up early. Although the season doesn’t officially start until June 1, Alberto who started life in the south west Caribbean close to Belize, is heading north for […] Read More

After Maria : Building back Puerto Rico

There’s been lots of talk about Elon Musk sending solar panels and  Powerwall batteries down to Puerto Rico.  This is excellent work — because it keeps the narrative going about distributed power and energy resilience in the face of more intense storms- –which is what the Caribbean is going to have to contend with as […] Read More

Hurricane Maria: time for a rethink

Sometimes disasters offer an opportunity to rebuild back better.  In effect, while no-one would wish it on the people who emerge  battered, bruised, and bloodied by the event, the more destructive the disaster perhaps the greater the opportunity.  But to build back better you have to think seriously outside the box. In fact, you need […] Read More