Mercury rising

Recent studies confirm once again that Arctic region populations have dangerous levels of mercury in their blood. Coal-fired power plants are the main source of this potent neurotoxin. Canada and the US are switching from coal to natural gas, but then are exporting their coal to countries that are much less concerned about mercury emissions from power generation. Airborne mercury travels the globe. It will come back to haunt Canadians who think it's no longer their problem. Read More

Permafrost locks in tons of mercury–until it thaws

The Arctic permafrost contains nearly twice as much mercury as all other soils, the ocean, and the atmosphere combined. The permafrost is thawing--potentially releasing large quantities of this neurotoxin into the environment. The Minamata Convention on Mercury--which came into force last year and which is intended to curtail mercury emissions from anthropogenic sources like coal-fired power plants, may prove to be almost irrelevant. Read More