Carbon capture is a dangerous concept

  The  carbon papers The carbon cycle is a beautiful thing.  And as usual Nature does it best. For a million years carbon moved around the cycle untroubled by those pesky anthropocene intruders. Although the majority of the carbon on land is stored in the soil, trees breathe carbon in and out in the form […] Read More

COP 22 – The way forward

                        Time to decide As countries gather in Marrakesh to consider how to focus efforts on   achieving the objectives of the Paris agreement, it is worth taking a minute to cut through the relentless optimism and wishlist planning, and take a hard look […] Read More

Paris agreement? Don’t celebrate yet

Pundits are celebrating the speed at which the Paris climate agreement has come into force. It needed more than half the countries to ratify their proposals and for their emissions to account for more half the global output. When the US, China, India and the European Union got on board, it was a done deal. […] Read More

Climate change needs scientists and engineers

They say igorance is bliss. But if you don’t understand what’s going on it’s easier to pass over the difficult stuff and focus on something else–blissfully unaware. All this talk about climate change is confusing. In some parts of India it’s hitting 51 centigrade. The Paris talks on climate change were supposed to keep warming […] Read More

Fossil fuels’ massive pollution

Clean stuff filthy stuff So we all know that burning coal and oil to generate electricity is bad for the climate. CO2 levels refuse to level out–we broke through the 400 ppm barrier earlier this year. And the folks at the UN who are reporting on the Paris accords have just acknowledged that what we […] Read More

Climate changes Earth’s rotation

If you love your planet – and I think you should, then the most beautiful image ever produced must be the photograph of the Earth taken from space by NASA a few years ago. Never before could anyone living on this planet see the Earth from this perspective and get a sense of its enormity. […] Read More

CO2 atmospheric levels continue to increase

  Ted Cruze’s bathtub Thing is, its gotten very confusing. First the news was that emissions of CO2 have flatlined in 2015 after years of constantly increasing: that’s good news for the planet because it shows that the shift from oil and coal to renewable energy is reducing emisions of greenhouse gases, and that the […] Read More

CO2 emissions and GDP are still a couple

The International Energy Agency is right to highlight the fact that energy-related CO2 emissions have flatlined for the last two years. That has to be very good news.  It means that the global energy revolution that is underway–and it is a revolution in the way we produce electrical power and in the way we use […] Read More